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The UPPScAle partnership aims to innovate, improve and standardise Bachelor Physiotherapy pain science curricula across Europe.

This strategic partnership is a powerful transnational collaboration between international institutions offering European bachelor Physiotherapy programmes aiming to innovate, improve and standardise undergraduate physiotherapy pain science curricula.

  • Objective: We aim to innovate, improve and standardise undergraduate physiotherapy pain science curricula through three work packages.
  • Results: This 24-month project will result in three intellectual outputs (IOs), housed on an open pain education resource (OPER).
  • Duration: 17 January 2022 - 16 January 2024


We will take the following steps:

  1. NEEDS ANALYSIS: Partners in pain science curricula will be bench-marked against international best practice (European Pain Federation) to identify gaps in learning.
  2. CAPACITY BUILDING: Partners will participate in two week-long ‘train the trainer’ schools to augment their knowledge / skill set in the curriculum incorporating innovate teaching and learning practices based on evidence-based professional practice incorporating the latest pain science knowledge.
  3. ADDRESSING LIMITATIONS: A dynamic Open Education Resource will be developed that addresses identified limitations to support academics with student learning across Europe and beyond creatively using a diversity of teaching and assessment methods in order to expand the opportunity for students to learn (e-learning, problem-based learning and case studies). It will also incorporate outputs from IO1 (methodology of curriculum enhancement process) and IO2 (train-the-trainer programme resources).


Harmonising pain knowledge and skills among physiotherapists in Europe.

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